I am a software engineer by day, yoga teacher on my free time. On the weekend, I may bake up some healthy cookies and cakes to share with friends. I just completed my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training and the extension yoga training at Core Power yoga studio and registered with Yoga Alliance.

I have been doing yoga on and off for many years but only have deep connection with yoga after I completed the yoga teacher training. Before I started my yoga teacher training, I never thought I would enjoy teaching or want to teach yoga. My goal of joining yoga teacher training was to get deeper into my own yoga practice and maybe learn some skills along the way. The more I dived into yoga from the yoga teacher training, the more I saw myself teaching yoga to improve myself and as a yoga teacher.

I am now teaching at Core Power yoga studio. I am new to the teaching and I enjoy it. I am learning something every day. I am excited to see where it takes me. I enjoy Core Power yoga studio as it is the style of yoga I like to practice. I like flow yoga and connect breath with movement. Adding heat always fun and challenging.

One of the disciplines I picked up from the yoga teacher training was journaling. I was expected to journal about every yoga classes I took and everything I learned about yoga during my training and there was a lot of journaling. This discipline of journaling has led to the birth of this website. Instead of keeping what I learn and know about yoga in a private journal with possibly never ever going to see the light of the day, why not journal to share with people like me who want to learn more about yoga!

I am only at the very beginning of a long journey, and there is still so much to learn yoga. I plan to write anything and everything that it comes to my mind about yoga and some healthy recipe to share, so topics are always open ended and unlimited. It can be as simple as “What is Yoga?” which to me has different meaning to different people to which yoga mat I like the most for my own practice. I also enjoy reading and researching on topics related to yoga that fascinate me. Feel free to contact me about certain yoga topics you may have interests. I may or may not have an answer but I would certainly be interested hear from you, and may do some research to learn and share with others.